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There is a lot to learn to become a successful medical billing professional. Medical billers have many responsibilities and master certain skills in their career. As a vital connection between patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies, they use their analytical and coding skills to determine a patient’s medical history and use a set of medical codes to transcribe their history into “shorthand”. To be a successful medical biller and coder, there are a certain set of skills that it takes:

Medical Terminology

A medical biller must have extensive knowledge of medical terminology. One of the main responsibilities of a medical biller is to read and understand the content of a patient’s medical chart. To remain as accurate as possible with reporting, they must have a near perfect understanding of medical billing and coding guidelines and principles. The more familiar a medical biller is with medical terminology, the better they are able to explain patient conditions to insurance companies so they may receive correct reimbursement and reduce claims denials. It’s also important for a biller to have a great understanding of coding language and have the ability to comprehend medical invoices.

People Skills

In order to be a medical biller, it’s very important to be good with people. Being a people person as a biller or coder is the best way to connect effectively with patients and medical professionals. Not all their time is spent behind a computer screen. A lot of their job requires them to communicate with patients, doctors, nurses, insurance company employees, and other medical support staff. There will be sometimes of conflict between patients and doctors or insurance agencies that the medical biller will have to resolve. As the middle ground between them all, billers and coders must remain professional and be an effective communicator. To ensure everyone is being billed correctly and invoices are accurate, billers have to be good with people.

Attention to Detail

Entering and analyzing medical codes takes great attention to detail. In order to translate the codes precisely, billers and coders must be detail-oriented. Without accuracy, a biller could fail the patient. To be successful, they must remain focused and keep an eye on every detail. It’s important that nothing is able to slip through the cracks. They will be sorting through thousands of codes every day which takes a lot of attention to detail. The role of a medical biller takes a lot of responsibility for patients and they must master more than just computer skills. Mastering these skills will make for a very successful career as a medical biller and coder.