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Davia Ward

Healthcare Partners Consulting & Billing

Based in Camden, NC, Davia Ward is the CEO and Professional Medical Biller for Healthcare Partners Consulting (HPC) where she brings over 25 years of experience to the table. Mrs. Ward founded the company to alleviate the stress of medical billing and to simplify the increasingly complex medical claims and billing process to help patients in their time of need. Through her successful career in nursing and medical billing, Davia brings her vast array of knowledge to her company where she offers innovative medical billing and practice management that enables doctors to focus their time more on patients.

“Our innovative medical billing and practice management will let you concentrate on patient care while maximizing your medical reimbursements.”

-Davia Ward, on her work with Healthcare Partners Consulting & Billing.

Throughout her career, Davia Ward has specialized in various aspects of the medical industry and puts particular emphasis on her passion for medical billing and nursing. Davia was a Registered Nurse, briefly studied law in the paralegal field to increase her understanding and competence in medical office management, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. Even before she earned her degrees and certifications, Davia knew she wanted to become heavily involved in a medical profession. After graduating high school, Davia assisted several small-town doctors as a file clerk and was quickly promoted to insurance clerk. Ultimately, she left to pursue a career as a nurse. Once she obtained her degree, Davia returned to the hospital where she began her career. 

As the medical billing systems were changing and updating, it became increasingly difficult for small town doctors to keep the same pace, which began to have adverse effects on their patients as far as the billing process was concerned. When her mother passed away several years ago, Davia Ward remembers her mother being more concerned about paying her bills than getting better, which really resonated with her and motivated her to enact a lasting change to help others in similar situations. As a nurse, Mrs. Ward dedicated her career to helping others but felt she could not alleviate her patients’ stress concerning how they would pay their bills. She did not want patients to have to choose between getting treatment or forgoing a potentially life-saving procedure because of cost. 

As a result, Davia Ward created HPC so patients could concentrate on becoming healthy while she interacted with their providers. Her company ensures doctors receive fair compensation for their services and patients’ reimbursements are maximized. Healthcare Partners possesses over 30 years of experience in coding, billing, and collections and a proven track record of providing outstanding service to physicians in a broad range of specialties. HPC not only eases the burden of financial stress but their services maximize reimbursements at a lower cost. 

Davia Ward knows doctors are at their best when they’re actively helping their patients instead of focusing on billing. Patients should be left to focus their valuable energy on getting better instead of struggling to decide how they will pay their bills. She’s proud that her company can help make a difference both in the lives of medical staff and their patients. HPC Billing is transforming the medical billing industry by giving medical professionals the ability to outsource their billing to experienced professionals.

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Outside of her professional responsibilities, Davia continues to help others through her humanitarian work. She is a highly-active member and Secretary of the Board of Directors for A Time to Dance USA, which is a non-profit that provides a way 

for military families to demonstrate their talents onstage. Davia Ward always looks forward to spending quality time with her husband, a retired U.S. Navy Warrant Officer, and their six children.